Booking Process

Booking is a simple process here at The Student Lodge. Secure your room in three simple steps:

  1. Make an application for your ideal room on the accommodation portal:
  2. Once your application is accepted, you will be allocated a room in a residence hall, please log back onto the accommodation portal to accept your room offer: Upon accepting your room offer, a £250.00 deposit will be taken for the booking.
  3. Submit your and your guarantor’s supporting documents to The Management Team within 2 weeks’ request.

Now sit back, relax, your room is booked and we look forward to greeting you in The Student Lodge.

Deposit Information

What is the Deposit taken for?

The Student Lodge takes a deposit primarily to reserve your room and confirm your booking, however it’s also held as part of a security deposit.

Your deposit is held by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) which is a Government Scheme set up to protect Tenants. The Deposit is returned to you at the end of your stay with us.

You should expect an email from the DPS to confirm that your deposit has been received by them and then they will issue you with a unique Deposit ID and a Repayment ID.

Please Note: This information is extremely important as in order to receive your deposit at the end of your stay it will be required.

Who returns my deposit?

At the end of your stay, The Student Lodge usually conducts a final inspection. Should any damages be present we will write to you and issue you a checkout report by email.

After this step, we are then required to inform the DPS to return the Deposit to you, subject to any charges we have agreed with yourself. This is paid to your nominated bank account, this is where your unique deposit ID and repayment ID will be required.

Once we have informed the DPS you should expect an email from them within 28 calendar days requiring you to login to their website to release your deposit. (We can’t do this for you).

After this step is taken it may take up to another further 10 calendar days for the DPS to repay this deposit to you, this may be longer for international transfers.

Please follow the link for a more detailed explanation of the DPS Scheme.

Note: Due to the deposit being held by the DPS we are not able to refund you this amount at the time of leaving, by cash or any other means. 

Payments & Charges

The Student Lodge offers you the complete package, all-inclusive.

Our payment structure, unlike many other student accommodations are extremely flexible as we understand being a student and living on a budget isn’t easy so we are here to help.

Booking Fee

There is NO booking fee.

When do I pay?

We offer the options of paying, monthly, termly or upfront. If you pay for your entire stay upfront, then you will receive a discount of £200.

What if I’m late with my payment?

Maybe your student finance hasn’t come through yet, or maybe you are just struggling to make ends meet this month. The Student Lodge aims to work will all our students and find the suitable solution, if you tell us up-front about any issues we can usually help. However should you be late with making payment without prior agreement with us we charge a fixed rate administrative charge of £25.

What is Council Tax?

The Council Tax is set by local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales to pay for local services that they provide, such as rubbish collection, the police and the fire brigade.
As a student do I have to pay Council Tax?

Most students do not have to pay Council Tax, but some do. Therefore, it is worth taking time to check that you qualify for exemption. Guidance on whether or not you are exempt from Council Tax can be found by visiting the following link here.

Please be aware that not all courses qualify for Council Tax exemption and you should check with your University or College.

Will The Student Lodge charge me Council Tax?

The Student Lodge will not charge Council Tax to any student who is exempt. However, if you do not qualify for exemption status, then The Student Lodge will pass on the appropriate clause as raised by the council. It is very important that you check your status before you sign a Contract with us. It is your responsibility to provide us with a copy of your Council Tax Exemption Certificate.

How do I apply for a Council Tax Exemption Certificate?

Usually, the Admissions Office at your University/College/Institution will provide you with a Council Tax Exemption Certificate. The Student Lodge requires a copy of this 7 days following your enrollment on your course.

What happens if my course does not qualify for Council Tax Exemption?

You will be required to pay the Council Tax charge on the property you are staying in.

I am an international student, does Council Tax affect me?

If you are in attendance at a University/College/Institution in the UK is classed as full-time then you are usually exempt from paying Council Tax.

However, not all courses qualify for the exemption and you should seek guidance from your University/College/Institution and refer to the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) by clicking here

In some cases, where there are shorter course for international students (Erasmus Students or Students on the Socrates Scheme) the Institution where you are studying can provide a letter of exemption which is also accepted by the Local Council. Please check with your Institution.

TV Licence

We are delighted to provide a 32 inch TV in every room. All TV’s come with Freeview and USB slots so that you can play your own content.

It is the responsibility of The Student Lodge to place the TV on the wall for you, however, it is the responsibility of the Tenant to pay for their own TV License.

Please click here for more information and to pay for your TV License.

Internet Explained

Here at The Student Lodge, we believe that the internet is the gateway to the future. It not only aids us in our day to day lives but enables us to develop ourselves and expand our knowledge.

We have allocated enough bandwidth for all our tenants to work efficiently in the comfort of your rooms and communal areas. Students are allowed to use the internet for general browsing and university work as and when required.

The Student Lodge forbids any downloading of copyrighted material or using our connections for anything illicit in nature.

We also reserve the right to monitor and restrict access should we believe that someone is abusing the network.

Laundry Policy

The Student Lodge provides laundry facilities which are located in the basement area.

We currently provide access to the following:

Two washing machines

Two tumble dryers

The laundry facilities at each of our sites are managed by Circuit.

You can monitor the laundry facilities in some premises to see if they are in use. Please follow the link below or click here for the related sites.

This equipment is pay per use; upon moving into our accommodation you are issued with a unique laundry card which is needed to operate the machines. In event of loss of this laundry card, you will be required to pay ‘The Student Lodge’ the fee of £10.00 which covers the replacement and administration charges for this.

You are responsible for topping up the card using:

Telephone Top-Up Line (01422 820026)


Contact Details

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