Cancellation Policy

Changed your mind?

Cancel Prior to Contract Start Date:

If you cancel within 7 working days of paying your deposit and before your Contract start date, we can refund your deposit in full.

If you cancel after 7 working days of paying your deposit, but before 31st July, we will charge £75.00 cancellation fee and refund you the remaining £24.00.

If you cancel after 31st July, you full deposit will be retained to cover the costs of readvertising your room, you might remain liable for your rent, depending on if a replacement tenant can be found.

Cancel After Contract Start Date:

If your Contract has already started, the only scenario in which we can release you from your Contract is for you to find a replacement tenant. If the replacement tenant pays the deposit and signs the Contract, we will be able to transfer the outstanding rent on your account to the new tenant’s account. We reserve the right to refuse any potential tenant, should we deem them unfit for our accommodation. Please refer to your Contract clause 5.2 for further clarification.

Cancellation Policy for Short Term Let:

Please kindly note that for short-term let, you can only cancel within 7 working days of paying the deposit and before your Contract start date. Your deposit will become non-refundable if you cancel after 7 working days or after your Contract has started.

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