Pay for your accommodation

Pay online

You will be able to see your statement for your accommodation by login into your student portal, you can pay custom amounts or individual invoices paying by card.

Other payment methods

We can also accept payment via bank transfer.

Official payment providers

WorldPay processes our card payments.

Payment by bank transfer

Bank transfers may take up to ten days to be reflected on your account – for this reason, we prefer that you use one of the alternative payment methods included on this page.

If you still wish to pay by bank transfer, you can download our bank account details (PDF, 267KB). These bank details are confidential and must not be shared with any third party. Please take care, as money transferred directly to The Student Lodge.

When making a bank transfer, always start the payment reference with your room and building number. Please forward us the Payment Confirmation via E-Mail to aid us in allocating the funds correctly.

Pay accommodation costs or your deposit

Please pay online via your Student Portal, upon booking your accommodation you will not have to pay the deposit until we have made you a room offer.

You will also be required to set up a Recurring Payment Authorisation when booking, this allows us to take future payments from your designated card.

Pay your fees or pay on behalf of a student

Please make payment via the Student Portal, once logged in you will be able to pay for a particular invoice or a custom amount.

Making payments over the phone

If you wish to pay for any fees over the phone, we can accept payments in this way. All payments are processed by WorldPay and no card details is stored by The Student Lodge.

Pay your fees or pay on behalf of a student

We do accept International Payments from Students or Sponsors, however, you will be liable for paying the transaction fees on top of the Accommodation fees due.

We can provide you with our Bank Details in PDF format upon request via Email.

If you would like to pay your tuition fees in instalments you’ll be required to complete a Direct Debit with The Student Lodge. This can be set up by you, a parent, guardian, relative or friend but must be on a UK bank account.

Please note you can only set up a Direct Debit for accommodation fees when you complete the booking process, so please have all relevant details to hand for when you register. For further information on Direct Debits please visit our webpage Direct Debit Agreements.

We can accept Cash payments for your Accommodation fees, however, you should inform us prior to arriving so we are aware of this.

We accept the following Payment Plans for your Accommodation.

  • Full Balance prior to Arrival
  • Termly (Preferred)
  • Monthly (First Month in Advance of Arrival)

Please note: We require a UK-based Guarantor for all Payment Plans, if you are unable to meet this requirement you will need to sign up to Housing Hand.

Late payment

In the event that an instalment is not paid on the agreed payment date, a late payment charge of £25 will be added to the student’s account and the student will be advised by an email sent to their and the Guarantor’s registered email address. In the event that a student is unable to meet the deadlines for the payment of their fees they must contact Credit Control so that their options including, where appropriate, alternative payment arrangements can be discussed and agreed.

All overdue payments will be referred to, and followed up by, the Credit Control Team ( by way of Telephone Calls, Emails and visits to the room.


Where an accommodation fee payment remains outstanding beyond the published due date, an indicator will be applied to the student record. At the point at which the indicator is applied, the student will be sent an email to their and the Guarantor’s registered address to notify them and explain the consequences for them with respect to the accommodation.

Failure to make payments may result in eviction if no attempt to make payment has been made.

Outstanding accommodation fee debts accrued by students who have left the Accommodation will be referred to an external debt collection agency to recover from the Student and Guarantor respectively which may result in additional fees and/or damage to their credit history.

For further information please read our Debt Recovery Policy

Credit Control telephone number:  0115 77 22 111

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