Complaints Policy

If things go wrong


The Student Lodge strives to achieve the highest standards in its provision of services but recognizes there are occasions when complaints may arise.


All sites within The Student Lodge welcome all opportunities to address any issues with the services provided. We encourage customers to verbally raise the issue locally with our Management Team in the first instance, as many issues can best be addressed at the time they arise with the area concerned.

It is recognized, however, there may be occasions when either it is not appropriate to raise the issue verbally, or this has been done and dissatisfaction remains. In these circumstances a complaint may be raised and this procedure sets out:

      • How to raise a complaint.
      • How a complaint will be dealt with.
      • Service standards within which complaints will be dealt with.

How to raise a complaint

If you experience a problem with your accommodation, our service or staff, please take the time to make this known to us.

In the first instance, contact our Management Team by telephone, e-mail, letter or in person, where notes will be made of your concerns.

However, if you prefer, you may make your complaint in a formal manner in writing, directed to The Student Lodge Letting Company, Radford, Nottingham, NG7 5NB.

Your complaint will be dealt with in a fair and timely way regardless of how your complaint is made. All complaints relating to accommodation need to be made by the student concerned and not via a parent, guarantor or any other third party. A complaint received by a third party will only be considered with the express written permission of the person to whom the complaint relates.

How we will deal with your complaint

We will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days.
  • If necessary, we will forward your comments to the person most able to determine the situation.
  • On receipt of a complaint, a full investigation will be undertaken to establish the circumstances surrounding the issue, which may include formal interviews with any other person/s affected/involved in order to reach a decision.
  • The investigation will consider the cause of the problem and seek to find and take steps to ensure there can be no repetition of the problem.
  • Write to you within 15 working days with our response. It may not be feasible to promise a conclusion within 15 working days, however the complainant will be advised of the actions being taken.

We will always listen and take note of your concerns and will have no hesitation in making necessary changes to policy that will ultimately improve our accommodation provision.

Service Standards

The Student Lodge complaints policy has a number of underlying principles:

    • To enable a student who has a grievance or complaint to pursue the matter in a systematic manner.
    • To ensure that the right of every student, to have a high standard of accommodation, is maintained.
    • To respond to complaints in a timely manner, adhering to published or agreed time deadlines.
    • To observe the principles of fairness and impartiality.
    • Focus on resolving complaints rather than apportioning blame.
    • Confidentiality of students will be protected.
    • Complaints will be monitored and analyzed, with a view to addressing the root cause.
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